Unit 5 Summary – Our suggestions to youth workers and NGOs

There are various ways how youth workers and NGOs can implement activities in support of the development of the entrepreneurship ideas and skills of young people. 

  • programs or events – focused on the development of new business ideas; 
  • workshops about the topics connected with entrepreneurship – e.g., market needs, crowdfunding, sources of income, financial literacy, critical thinking,; 
  • workshops about self-development focused on their soft-skills needed during their business, for example, how to pitch their idea to potential investors;
  • opportunities for networking, mentoring, feedback from other successful entrepreneurs or investors,
  • visits of successful companies and many others.

Activities and programs can be long-term and connected or can be just one day or shorter events. Activities can be focused only on specific sectors, such as tourism or agriculture, to better address young people’s expectations and get better results. Its also recommended cooperating with other organizations or associations working in the field of entrepreneurship or investment. To attract young people interest, it can also be considered when planning to connect travel and other interactive experiences like some sport or group activity and entrepreneurial education.

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