Unit 1.1. – Lead Up Academy

Lead Up Academy 


Organisation that has implemented good practice: Future Generation Europe

Type of organisation: NGO

Level: National

Target group: High school students from the age of 15

Lead Up Academy 2 (1)

Aim: to connect mentors – successful professionals – with active young people eager to be active and do something beneficial for their communities.


Lead Up Academy is an intensive mentoring program dedicated to high school students from the age of 15. The program creates a space for students who can develop their skills, explore their talents, and learn from other successful people. Program is for young people who have an ambition – project, business idea or other dream such as get to a good university. Mentors should help them with their ambitions or ideas by sharing their advice and experience.

As part of the program, other educational and networking events are organized to get all mentees and mentors in touch together. Moreover, the aim is to create a community where young people will realize their ideas and projects. In the last year program, the best ideas of mentees received 200,- EUR, to realize their projects. Lead Up Academy exists for 5 years and is financed by sponsors as ESET Foundation, Pontis Foundation, Erasmus+ program and others.

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