Unit 2.2. – Nexteria Leadership Academy (NLA)

Nexteria Leadership Academy (NLA) 


Organisation that has implemented good practice: Nexteria 

Type of organisation: NGO 

Level: International 

Target group: Students 

Aim: to prepare a new generation of leaders through a complex program providing education, work on real projects, mentoring and networking.


Nexteria Leadership Academy is a 3-year development program for active university students and high school graduates.

The program offers:

  •  Work on real projects – small teams of students solve assignments from a specific company. The assignments are based on companies’ practical needs that are curious about the students’ outputs.  
  • Regular meetings with a personal guide who is their coach or mentor. Guides are professionals from various companies, professional coaches or career counselors. 
  • Intensive courses – about topics such as The Art of Persuasion, Values as part of Leadership, Management, Marketing, Fundraising, Personality Typology and many more. There are about 5 – 6 courses during the semester and each course lasts around 6 hours.
  • Summer Leadership Camp.
  • Discussions with experts from diverse fields take place almost every week during the semester.  

Participants pay 20% of the program’s price – 79 Euros per month; the remaining 80% is paid from sponsorship of the partners, supporters and graduates. NLA has been working successfully for 12 years already and each year, around 30 students participate in the program. 

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The GOONJOB team is composed by 6 people representing the project partners: CREOLABS, BLUEBOOK srl, ADEL, USB.