Unit 4.7. – Emigration Expo

Emigration Expo

the Netherlands

Organisation that has implemented good practice:  Emigratiebeurs Emigration Expo

Type of organisation:  company

Level: national

Target group:  all who search for a job abroad

Aim: To inform those interested in living abroad about business and job opportunities in the various countries.


Emigration  Expositions are held every year in the duration of usually 2 days. It is the European  largest event for everyone aiming to live abroad  – emigrants, students,  entrepreneurs,  job seekers and expats.  Emigration  Expo includes around  200 exhibitors,  more than  1 million job vacancies and about  11000 visitors each year. Exhibitions and presentations, free lectures and workshops are done by experts and job matching agents.  The workshops’ topics are related with the topics – introduction of the labor market of some countries, how to start business, tax, visa or real estate issues. There are also presented various institutions that help expats – e.g., Expatland Global Network. Participants are paired with the experts in the field they need help with. The exhibitors are usually looking for staff in the area of healthcare, IT, education, technology and many others.  Many international organizations and companies sponsor this annual event.

Emigration Expo 2

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