GOONJOB Module 4


The most recent trend of youth work demonstrates how youth organizations have the potentiality to successfully implement activities on fostering employability. In this context EURES can play a relevant role, but it is often unknown or underestimated by youth organisations.

In this Module you will learn how to promote the EURES services discovering new tools and strategies that can facilitate youth employability, labour and educational mobility.

GOONJOB Module 4

The learning objectives of the course


5 Units 

  1. EURES and Youth organizations: challenges and opportunities
  2. EURES communication strategies
  3. Designing and managing a promotional campaign
  4. Tools to create materials to act your communication strategy
  5. EURES services: how to mainstream them
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1 Main Goal

The Module main goal is to shed light on strategies and tools youth organizations can exploit to design and release promotional campaigns on job’s topics focusing on the EURES services, communication strategies and promotion channels. 

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Learning objectives

4 Learning Objectives

  • Increase your attitude towards the role youth organization can play in implementing activities specifically focused on fostering employability;
  • increase your knowledge of challenges and opportunities for the sector.
  • Increase your knowledge of communication strategies.
  • Increase your skills in using tools and service to promote your organization activities
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Glossary in pills
Knowledge is composed of the facts and figures, concepts, ideas and theories which are already established and sup­port the understanding of a certain area or subject; skills are defined as the ability and capacity to carry out processes and use the existing knowledge to achieve results; attitudes describe the disposition and mind-sets to act or react to ideas, persons or situations. Source: Council Recommendation of 22 May 2018 on key competences for lifelong learning


A huge amount of resources

The Module draws a number of good practices and presents tools to support youth organizations in the development of promotional activities: you can also find interviews, samples and external resources. 

GOONJOB Module 4
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Glossary in pills

Promotion is one of the key areas of the marketing mix. It is the process of engaging and communicating with the target audience. Sending timely, relevant and contemporary messages through appropriate media is very critical for this communication. Effective communication is therefore which establishes common thoughts between the sender and the target audience.

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The GOONJOB team is composed by 6 people representing the project partners: CREOLABS, BLUEBOOK srl, ADEL, USB.