Unit 3 Summary – Our suggestions to youth workers and NGOs

There are various ways how youth workers and NGOs can implement activities focused on the support of young people with their career selection based on their skills and interests:

– individual consultancy and analysis of young people skills and preferences and provide them with the strategic work plan; 

– workshops where young people can explore their own strengths, improve their soft-skills – communication, decision-making, creativity, teamwork etc.; 

– workshops about how to write CVs and cover letter; 

– job interviews simulations or other drama simulations when young people imagine the work or life situations when they have to  solve various problems, manage crisis and consequences;

– informative sessions about the labor market, networking and corporate environment; 

 – online/ or offline tests that allow self-evaluation of young people – what they are good at, what to build on and what profession or field of study to choose. It can be a useful additional tool for youth workers’ further assistance and consultancy. 

-online educational games allow young people to explore future labor market trends through escape rooms, treasure hunting, and missions. Again, this can only be starting point for youth workers to work further with them. 

It is also recommended to focus more on vulnerable target groups when planning and to prepare those activities – e.g., foreigners, young people from orphanages, with handicaps etc. 

For primary school students can be useful tool to use specific methodological tool or character.  

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