Unit 5.7. – New Businesses at Zero Rate

New Businesses at Zero Rate


Organisation that has implemented good practice: Invitalia 

Type of organisation: state institution

Level: national  

Target group: young people under 35 years old 

Aim: to support the development of young people’ and women entrepreneurial attitude and provide them incentives.


Invitalia is the National Development Agency of the Ministry of Economy. It gives impetus to the country’s economic growth, focuses on strategic sectors for development and employment, is committed to relaunching crisis areas and operates above all in the South. 

It manages all national incentives* that favor the birth of new businesses and innovative start-ups. It finances large and small projects, targeting entrepreneurs with concrete development plans, especially in innovative sectors with high added value. 

Invitalia already funded 561 initiatives, granted 128 million concessions and contributed to creating 2918 new jobs. 

An Incentive* is something that encourages a person to do something


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