Unit 1.4. – Meetamentor


United Kingdom 

Organisation that has implemented good practice: RecWorks

Type of organisation: Company

Level: National

Target group: students, graduates, professionals

Aim: to match mentors and mentees in technology and provide a dialogue to discuss the career goals and other related issues or problems.

Meetamentor 1


Mentoring platform specializing in various technologies. Mentors help others, particularly students, graduates or young professionals, to answer a variety of questions related to their career, e.g.:

  • “Which technology should I learn first?
  • I am interested in the different career paths in software development…
  • How can I get my CV to rise above others when I apply for jobs?
  • I want to contribute to an open-source project, but not sure where to start…”

This community has over 1800 members from the UK tech industry, mainly specializing in, but not limited to, Java and front-end technologies.

There are over 500 mentors available who are experienced professionals in the tech industry – from developers to CTOs, coming from a range of backgrounds and experts in various technologies or areas including: #java #spring #javascript #jvm #scala #clojure #kotlin #nodejs #python #ruby #devops #agile #microservices #cloud #tdd #angularjs #reactjs #aws #hadoop #bigdata #kafka #apache #rest #ios #android

They also run an active online Slack group, meetups and 1-2-1 mentorship opportunities. Meet a Mentor was established in 2007 when they had organized speed mentoring events for students, but in 2017 the focus changed to the platform.

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