Unit 3.5. – Proffy – the little professional

Proffy – the little professional


Organisation that has implemented good practice: Balvi Primary School

Type of organisation: School 

Level: Local

Target group: Primary school students

Aim: to support career guidance of primary school students


Career counselor in Balvi County, Anita Laurena, has developed an original character – a friend of career education and professions – Proff y – the little professional („Profi ņš“), who assists her during the work at primary schools. Proff y has specific appearance – hat, glasses and a career bag full of tasks, career games, worksheets and methodological materials. All those materials allow career counselors to better approach students who evaluate their skills, interests and talents. Students also learn how to collaborate on some teamwork and how to make presentations. Anita’s innovative ideas in career guidance and teaching techniques correspond to the needs of pupils and are relevant to the occupational fields that are of high priority in the local area. This good practice was awarded in The National Career Guidance Awards 2019 as “Material of the Year”. 

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