Unit 3.6. – Future Time Traveller Platform

Future Time Traveller Platform

Bulgaria, Greece, United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy, Germany and Poland

Organisation that has implemented good practice: Business Foundation for Education (in cooperation with other organisations)

Type of organisation: NGO

Level: European

Target group: Young people

Aim: to transform career guidance of generation Z through an innovative game-based virtual reality platform and prepare them for the jobs of the future


Based on predictions, 2 billion jobs that exist today will disappear by 2030 and impact on job creation will have technological development and other global challenges like climate change, urbanization, aging, etc. Therefore “Future Time Traveller” platform aims to foster the future-oriented mindset of young people through game-based virtual reality and allow them to explore the future labor market trends. The platform combines the methodology of educational games with the virtual world environment. Elements of escape rooms, web quests, treasure hunting, adventure games are used. 

The player is involved in a variety of tasks – reading materials, watching videos, researching for information, solving quizzes, etc. The game starts in the year 2020. In the local library, the player sees a time machine’s arrival and gets a mission to act as an ambassador for the future. The player is teleported to the year 2050, where he participates in several missions about the future of work. Back in 2020, the player has to create a short, original description of a future job that does not exist yet and create a “Message to myself in the future”, which will be delivered in a chosen moment in time.

Players get, during the game, insight into different career opportunities, emerging work and the skills they might require. Besides, they can develop some competencies like critical thinking, decision making and problem-solving. The Erasmus+ programme funded project.

Our suggestion for youth workers: future-oriented career guidance approaches and methodologies will also be necessary for youth workers. You can introduce this platform to youth you work with or explore other materials, guides, and roadmaps about this topic created by the project on the website.

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The GOONJOB team is composed by 6 people representing the project partners: CREOLABS, BLUEBOOK srl, ADEL, USB.