Unit 5.1 – Entrepreneurship Education

Entrepreneurship Education


Organisation that has implemented good practice: JAYE Malta Foundation

Type of organisation: NGO

Level: National

Target group: Young people 

Aim: to provide enterprise education to young people and spur economic development 


The organisation implements diverse programs related to entrepreneurship: 

  • Start-up program – for youth between 18 to 30 – about how to develop a business concept, refine it and pitch it to potential investors,
  • Company program – for youth between 15 – 17 – about how to take an idea to the creation of own company, introduction of the full cycle of doing it. Both those programs last around 9 months.
  • Social Innovation Challenge – day event for students from various communities to come up with the solutions to specific social challenges. 
  • one day events at schools – focused on various topics, for example, generally on entrepreneurship, market needs, how to identify own strengths and skills or explore sources of income.

Besides programs focused on entrepreneurship, organizations provide educational programs about topics like financial literacy and critical thinking. The organisation exists for more than 30 years and already more than 10thousands of young people have participated in their programs. 

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