Unit 2 Summary – Our suggestions to youth workers and NGOs

There are various options how youth workers and NGOs can realize activities in the field of providing practical training or traineeships to young people depending on the interests or profile of the target group they work with:

  • Through practical courses that are not tackled often in the formal education institutions (schools or universities). Courses can be focused on soft-skills or leadership development, self-awareness or focused on labor market integration – how to create a CV, LinkedIn profile, motivation letter, or prepare for a job interview. 
  • Through technical courses with specific tools and facilities needed (e.g., 3D technology or graphic design). Courses can also be implemented in cooperation with some companies that can be interested in finding potential employees during the courses;
  • Through group or individual tasks and projects – development and preparation of some project, activity, event or other output that young people are interested in or can contribute to certain problems in their communities. It can be done among peers or in cooperation of young people of diverse ages and background,
  • Through group or individual assignment from the company or other institutions (for example work on marketing strategy, product development or organization of some event);
  • Through meetings, workshops and discussions with the successful or interesting personalities in their communities,
  • Through providing co-working space to learn and share from each-others. Co-working spaces can be thematically focused and uniting young people with specific interests (creativity, environment, business etc.)

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The GOONJOB team is composed by 6 people representing the project partners: CREOLABS, BLUEBOOK srl, ADEL, USB.