Unit 3.1. – Step up! Career Paths

“Step up! Career Paths”


Organisation that has implemented good practice: Struss & Claussen 

Type of organisation: private company

Level: national

Target group: high school and university students

Aim: to provide career counseling for students through the analysis of their skills and preferences and provide them with the strategic work plan


Career counseling consists of different elements – interviews, personality tests and a cognitive performance process. This way, they analyze students’ traits, performance, motivation, learning style and talents. Afterward, the consultant discuss with the student his/her personality and profile and his/her potential with another colleague. Afterward, the consultant conducts a presentation about the findings and recommendations. It is recommended to invite parents and close friends to join. All together, they set the goals and discuss the next career steps. The first appointment is the only starting point and young people can come for a career counseling session regarding any questions related to job applications or interviews whenever during the next 12 months. The program is quite expensive – 1600euros. However, the company also gives socially disadvantaged youth a chance to use their consulting services for free within the program “Step up” Career Paths”. Around 40 scholarships are awarded each year to youngsters between 15-25 years of age. It can be considered good practice, particularly in terms of the program’s long-term duration, including those with fewer opportunities and a professional approach.

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The GOONJOB team is composed by 6 people representing the project partners: CREOLABS, BLUEBOOK srl, ADEL, USB.