GOONJOB course overview

Photo by Marten Newhall on Unsplash

GO ON JOB is a course designed within the ERASMUS+ framework. 

The course is specifically designed with the goal to enter you, as a youth worker, to the labour market policies for youngsters, with a focus on the opportunity offered by the EU.

The course

You’ll hear directly from youth workers and young people from around Europe about their experience, knowhow and inspiration and get the necessary knowledge and skills to foster employability, at local level, among young people. By taking this course, you’ll gain confidence to look at the market labour opportunities from an European perspective and make connections to your own life and youth work practice.

The course includes four Modules

Module 1  

The opportunities the EU offers to young people – The Module presents an overview of the various opportunities that the European Union offers to youth, regarding mobility and employability.

Module 2

Good Practices in support of Youth Employability & Entrepreneurship – The Module presents a variety of good practices and activities implemented by youth associations in the various EU countries in the field of support of the integration of young people in the labour market. The module provides you with real examples and tools that have been successfully implemented and that you can apply in your organization.

Module 3

Tools for Developing and Promoting Oneself – The module gives an overview of the ways young people can determine and develop their skills and competencies to enter successfully the labour market, also thanks to the support of youth workers, and presents a wide range of practical tools. 

Module 4

Tools to design and release Promotional Campaigns on the labour market topics – The Module sheds light on strategies and tools youth organizations can exploit to design and release scheduled promotional campaigns on job’s topics, with a focus on EURES.