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Funded by the Erasmus+ program – Youth Sector – the project aims to develop the skills of youth workers within the labor market and to promote and enhance the opportunities that the EU offers to young people.

The project has been implemented working on the analysis of the following points:

  1. the evidence of the huge amount of opportunities the European Union offers to young people to find a job, a traineeship, a volunteer activity;
  2. the most recent trend of youth work that demonstrates how youth organisations engaging in youth work have the potentiality to implement activities specifically focused on fostering employability.

Putting these two elements together, the project faces two priorities:

  • promoting quality of youth work;
  • promoting empowering of young people.

The project aims to offer to youth workers learning opportunities and skills development on a sector that can facilitate youth employability, labour and educational mobility of young people.

According to the project priorities and main objective, the project is going to design and implement a course for youth workers to let them increasing their competences on the labour market framework.

To explore the e-learning course contents visit this page.

The project is going to experience an innovative partnership blending 4 organisations that belong to different sectors: one social enterprise located in Malta, one Italian SME dealing with social communication and non formal education, two youth associations (one from Slovakia and one from Greece) that bring to the project their direct experience in the youth field and their relevant network at European level.

Project partners:

Creolabs TTD (applicant) – Malta; Bluebook srl – Italia; USB – United Societies of Balkans – Greece; ADEL – Association for Development, Education and Labour – Slovakia

If you want to know more on us, visit the “Our team” page.
Thessaloniki – Greece

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