Unit 1.3. – ETP Slovakia – Capable children

ETP Slovakia – Capable children 


Organisation that has implemented good practice: ETP

Type of organisation: NGO

Level: Local

Target group: Roma students from East of Slovakia

Aim: to provide systematic and long-term support and to mentor students from marginalised Roma communities.


It is important that students from marginalized Roma communities finish their elementary school and continue their studies at high school since it increases their chance of success in the future. Therefore, mentors support students and spend at least 8 hours per month helping them achieve better school results, encourage them in their personal responsibilities, and plan their future. Meetings with mentors mainly occur in the community centers, through online meetings or during the organized weekend and holiday educational camps.
Mentors also regularly meet with students’ parents and teachers. The program aims to maintain all mentor-mentee relationships and develop long-term friendships after the end of the program support.

ETP Slovakia 1

The program exists already for several years and there are many successful stories as a result. There are also some celebrities involved as mentors that help increase the students’ motivation and determination. The project is financed by European Social Fund and European Regional Development Fund.

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The GOONJOB team is composed by 6 people representing the project partners: CREOLABS, BLUEBOOK srl, ADEL, USB.