Unit 5.4. – Crowdfunding Academy

Crowdfunding Academy    


Organisation that has implemented good practice: Brodoto 

Type of organisation: company  

Level: national  

Target group: everybody

Aim: teach teams how to plan and run a business campaign and get funds through crowdfunding


Crowdfunding Academy program is intended for young people who have a business idea but do not have the funds to start it and lack knowledge of how they could use crowdfunding to make their idea started. Therefore, activities of the Crowdfunding Academy include 

  • Education – from the start of the idea to financing, communication plan, video pitch etc. 
  • Support – mentorship from a person or team who were involved in some inventive and successful crowdfunding campaigns.
  • Promotion – of crowdfunding through international conferences inform non-profits and companies on the possibilities of crowdfunding.
Crowdfunding Academy 3

Academy provided support to more than 60 teams, helping with crowdfunding thousands of dollars to implement their ideas. The academy was supported by the United Nations Development Program in Croatia. They have a plan to expand their activities in other countries.

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The GOONJOB team is composed by 6 people representing the project partners: CREOLABS, BLUEBOOK srl, ADEL, USB.