Unit 4.3. – Video-making

In this section, you will find some tips on video making.

Within your organization activities, it is possible you need  to create some videos, for your promotion campaigns but not exclusively.

Photo by Jose Pedro Ortiz
Photo by Jose Pedro Ortiz

We selected for you a guide by Erasums + UK made of three parts.

1. Planning and preparing your video 

In this part you will learn the necessary steps to take before filming such as defining your video’s aims, identifying and gathering your equipment and how to plan and prepare for filming.

2. Familiarizing with technical tips when filming your video

In this part you will learn quick and easy filming techniques to give your video a professional flair. 

3. Video editing and post-production

In this part you will learn how to decide which clips to include in the final cut and how to piece them together.

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