Unit 5.4 – Evaluating the event

In this section, you will discover the evaluating steps.


After the implementation of the event, a very important phase is its evaluation.

After the event, you should send the participants an evaluation questionnaire in order to systematically collect their feedback.

To better understand, you can watch the video developed by the UK National Agency to help people working on Erasmus+ project to evaluate the impact of their project.

The objectives of the video are quite specific but the methodology is applicable in different fields.

Photo Glenn Carstens Peters on Unsplash
Photo Glenn Carstens Peters on Unsplash

Through the evaluation questionnaire you can:

  • check if the objectives defined at the beginning of the event are achieved or not.
  • Determine if your organization and contents of the event met the needs and expectations of your participants.
  • Learn more easily from experience, allowing to adjust or modify some aspect for future events.
  • Get qualitative and quantitative information that can be used in the organization’s releases.

You can evaluate the following items:

  • The satisfaction of the public expectations
  • The contents of the event
  • The times proposed
  • The tools used during the event
  • The promotion of the event
  • The organization of the event
  • The logistics aspects
  • …..

Meeting evaluation form

Download our sample

Then you can share on your organization channels the results of the event:

  • The questions and answer collected through the FAQ
  • The answers to the Kahoot! session
  • The outputs proposed during the event (videos and presentations)
  • The images of the event

Remember that this material represents your organization and is the result of the work you have done uo to know: try to present it at the best, both graphically and in the contents.

As said before, you can use, for instance, Canva.

In addition, in the days following the event, it is important to have an internal debriefing meeting where each member of the team can express its opinion: what it worked and what it could be improved.To do this you can use the SWOT analysis scheme (see Unit 3 of this Module).

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