Unit 4.4. – Finding and use images

In this section, you can find several photo and picture websites where you can easily download the files.

Creative Commons

According to us the starting point for finding and using images is the nonprofit organization Creative Commons “dedicated to building a globally-accessible public commons of knowledge and culture”.


The term creative commons is also associated with a relatively new type of copyright license. The idea behind Creative Commons is to allow artists to share their works with the online community without a price but with certain conditions so that the original creator gets credit. Creative Commons assets are still protected under copyright laws unless they’ve been placed in the public domain, but the terms of the license are clearly and uniformly defined.


Flickr is  the world’s largest online photo management and sharing resource, created by Ludicorp, a canadian company, in 2004 and acquired by Yahoo in 2005.

The number of photos shared on flickr under a Creative Commons license is about  500 million (Last updated 3/8/19)


The nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation provides the essential infrastructure for free knowledge. Wikimedia hosts Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, created, edited, and verified by volunteers around the world, as well as many other vital community projects.

Wikimedia commons is a media file repository making available public domain and freely-licensed educational media content (images, sound and video clips) to everyone, in their own language.

The homepage proposes also monthly challenges

Here you can find billions of images organized in collections including also the “Museum collections”, “Flickr” and “Wikimedia commons”.


to be searched here


Unsplash is a website dedicated to sharing stock photography under the Unsplash license.

The website claims over 110,000 contributing photographers and generates more than 11 billion photo impressions per month on their growing library of over 1.8 million photos.

Unsplash defines itself as “the internet’s source of freely usable image, powered by creator everywhere

All photos published on Unsplash can be used for free. You can use them for commercial and noncommercial purposes. You do not need to ask permission from or provide credit to the photographer or Unsplash, although it is appreciated when possible.

More precisely, Unsplash grants you an irrevocable, nonexclusive, worldwide copyright license to download, copy, modify, distribute, perform, and use photos from Unsplash for free, including for commercial purposes, without permission from or attributing the photographer or Unsplash. This license does not include the right to compile photos from Unsplash to replicate a similar or competing service.


The Noun Project  is a website, launched in 2010 cataloging a huge amount of symbols (over a million) created by designers around the world. Artists agree to select either a public domain mark or a Creative Commons license permitting the free use of the image with attribution..

The Noun Project’s recent integrations with Google SlidesGoogle Docs, Microsoft Office applications and several other third-party platforms – including  Canva will spread virally  the power of icons.

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