Unit 5.3. – Promoting the event

Photo by Lee Soo Hyun on Unsplash
Photo by Lee Soo Hyun on Unsplash

In this section, you will find information on promoting the event.

After designing the event, you must dedicate your efforts to its promotion. In doing this we invite you to come back to Unit 4 of this Module testing some of the suggested tools, such as Canva for the creation of leaflets and posts to be shared on social media.

In addition you can exploit in this phase some of the materials you will present during the event: the videos but also the presentations and the quiz game. Of course you won’t disclose the contents of your event but you can release some elements of your contents teasing the interest of your potential participants.   

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Glossary in pills

Eventbrite is a global platform for managing meetings that allows anyone to create, share, find and participate in the events, both online and face to face.


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A good practice is to send email to schools informing teachers/directors about the event – often then they share it with students.

Our suggestion

If you have a budget you can also prepare little gadgets for your participants. The aim is to be remembered and offer a useful and usable object. Keep in mind your target.

Prepare a personal data and signature sheet and a certificate for participants (explore Canva to get a template).

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