Unit 4 – Tools to act your communication strategy

Omar Flores on Unsplash
Omar Flores on Unsplash

In this Unit you can find tips and suggestions on some effective and easy to use tools to create materials to spread your plans.

You will learn more on social media and marketing management, video making, image hosting and video hosting services, graphic design platform and creative commons.

Keep in mind that the ICT world is continuously evolving: what is new today can be overtaken tomorrow. So be curious and always try to find new tools available.

Enter the Unit, learn about creative tools and test your acquired competence.

Glossary in pills

An image hosting service allows individuals to upload images to an Internet website. The image host will then store the image onto its server, and show the individual different types of code to allow others to view that image. Some of the best known examples are Flickr, Imgur and Photobucket, each catering for different purposes.

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