Unit 2.3. – EURES newsletter

In this section we present you the EURES newsletter: a tool to get in touch with EURES being updated on initiatives and events. In addition you can also find some tips on the EURES News: a source of information, suggestions, inspiring ideas. 


EURES & You Newsletter

The purpose of the EURES & You newsletter mailing list is to allow interested users who have not created an account on the EURES portal to subscribe and receive new issues of the EURES & You newsletter by email.

The “EURES & you” newsletter comes out on a monthly basis and contains information on job mobility, current trends, upcoming EURES events, etc. 

In the portal you can find the last issue. You can read it online or receive it by email. If you have a “My EURES” account, you will receive it automatically.


The section automatically presents the last news but you can also search specific topics by using the following criteria: 

  • Channel: Eures portal and Extranet
  • Country (all the countries that take part to EURES)
  • Related section: about EURES; learning; living and working
  • Sectoral
  • Target audience: EURES Network, employers, jobseeker
  • Topics
  • Type

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