Unit 2.4. – EURES youtube channel

In this section, you can find a short description of EURES’s youtube channel, including the additional featured channels.

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Here are some selected video interviews to EURES Movers

The video tells the story of Eleonora and Alin Morezzi, two young people from northern Italy who found job opportunities as nurses in Ireland.
The video lasts about one minute. It is in English and you can activate subtitles choosing  among twenty-three languages.

The video is the story of Didier Beillard and Beatriz Espinosa, a french man and a spanish woman, who met during an Erasmus experience and they became a family. Beatriz is an EURES counselor. 
The video lasts one minute and a half. It is in French and you can activate subtitles choosing  among twenty-five languages.

This video presents Desirée, a young Italian girl, and Diana, Human Resources Manager at a Bulgarian service company and explains the benefits they get from the EURES Job program.
The video lasts one minute. It is in Italian and Bulgarian with English subtitles.

This video presents Katrin, a young woman from Luxembourg. She went to Finland Foran exchange and then she started her own business. The video lasts about one minute. It is in  English.

The video tells the story of Fabio Bertollini, who just started a new job experience in the UK for SBE- as a technician. It lasts one minute.

This video is recorded one year later and Fabio is able to look back on his experience and how important it has been for him.The video lasts about two minutes and it is in English. In addition, surfing on LinkedIn we discovered that Fabio is still working for the above-mentioned company after seven years.

EURES youtube channel is monthly updated: to stay updated you can subscribe to. The video gallery contains about one hundred videos. EURES started uploading in 2011.

The channel content reflects the different EURES target groups and provides a video overview. Among the playlists we suggest you to visit the following:

  • EURES for jobseekers
  • EURES for employers
  • #EUmovers  

Our suggestion is to deeply explore the EURES channel surfing the proposed section “featured channels”, where you can find channels intimately connected to EURES.

Play with us Discover the EURES featured channels



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