Unit 3 – Designing a promotional campaign


In this Unit you can find tips and suggestions to build your communication strategy. You will learn about the main steps to knowingly approach your target, to master the message, the channels, to get your goals and to evaluate the results.   

A communication plan should include, at least, the following elements: goals and target groups, strategy and content, indicative budget, the staff members responsible, indication of how the activities are evaluated

The drawing up of the plan must be considered as a cycle composed of five steps:

  1. Context analysis
  2. Planning and acting
  3. Monitoring and evaluation
  4. Adjusting
  5. Reporting

The contents of this unit are not closely connected to EURES and provides a complete picture of the subject applicable to a wide range of initiatives.

Glossary in pills

A communications strategy is designed to help you and your organisation communicate effectively and meet core organisational objectives. Source: NCVO

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