Unit 2.2. – EURES social media

In this section you can find an overview of the EURES social media and the analysis of a specific case study: the first EURES social media campaign #YourCareerMove.

Remember that there can be no single social media strategy for all levels of the EURES network, as there are different national contexts.

  • Employment situations are different in different countries;
  • social media platform usage differs from country to country;
  • different Advisors and communications managers will have different situations (resources, experience, etc.).
Photo by Eures on Flickr
Photo by Eures on Flickr

EURES social media framework

EURES has strongly been working on the its social.

The EURES social media are the following:

  1. Twitter: @EURESJob
  2. Facebook: @EURESJobs
  3. Linkedin: @EURES
  4. Flickr



970 photos



The tweets are published daily




The posts are published daily


Infographic by Bluebook - The numbers of Eures social media
Infographic by Bluebook – The numbers of Eures social media

The first EURES social media campaign 

In 2017, the first EURES social media campaign took place. 

The #YourCareerMove campaign was intended to raise awareness of the range of EURES services and to promote cooperation within the network.

The campaign generated an estimated 10 million impressions, 440 quiz participants created a EURES profile during the campaign (which represents a conversion rate that is 4 to 5 times higher than the social media average) and 85% of NCOs – National Coordination Offices, responsible for coordinating the national network of Members and Partners – were satisfied with the campaign’s promotional tools.

This campaign has been shortlisted for the Digital Communications Awards 2018 in the “Institutions” category.

Photo by EURES on Flickr
Photo by EURES on Flickr

Case study

The EURES News and Information Bureau (ENIB) has adopted, during the years, a new content strategy to facilitate the planning and alignment of its publications with social media activities. Monthly topics are defined and regular updates and reminders sent, while communications material are made available for the whole EURES network in the communication workspace of the new Extranet, a section of the EURES portal is intended as a tool for internal information exchange and communication within the EURES network.

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