Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash
Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

If it is widely recognised that the values and methods of youth work have a vital role to play in encouraging young people to build better lives and futures, it is just as clear that to achieve this goal youth workers, youth leaders and volunteers need to meet new challenges and seize new opportunities.  

The challenges are many – among them: the collaboration with other and different sectors, policy-makers, employers, Public Employment Services and other relevant actors; the development of new competences; the willingness to learn to learn – but the opportunities are huge and represent a win-win strategy where all the actors have a benefit: youth organizations, youth workers, youth people and all the stakeholders at local, national and European level. 

EURES represents one of these challenges and is an opportunity as well. To start exploring the why, we present you a short, easy lesson – EURES in pills and some data showing the results we collected in preparation of the project.

Glossary in pills

Win-win is a situation, game, negotiation, or strategy in which all the parties benefit.

Stakeholder: a person or group of people who own a share in a business; a person such as an employee, customer, or citizen who is involved with an organization, society, etc. and therefore has responsibilities towards it and an interest in its success.

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