Unit 5 – The benefits of mobility

Image by ec.europe.eu
Image by ec.europe.eu

In today’s world, people are constantly moving from one place to another to improve their standard of living. This occurrence is also a common scenario within Europe where people move from one European country to another in the search for better opportunities.

In the context of this unit, mobility is being referred to as the ability of people, principally youths, to move between different places within their home country and/or outside of their country with the purpose of achieving personal and professional development goals, autonomy, volunteering and working opportunities, better education, training and housing opportunities.

This unit will briefly discuss some of the economic benefits derived from the mobility of people. It will then focus on listing and discussing the benefits of mobility on a personal level, focusing particularly on the personal and professional benefits of mobility for the younger generation. The discussion will also focus on the way in which mobility impacts and improves the environment in which we live in. Finally, the unit will briefly note some of the efforts of the European Union to promote mobility amongst the younger generation.



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