Unit 1.1. – Information on EU Youth Policy

The EU youth policy is developed around three core areas of action built around three words: engage, connect, empower.

Through these actions, member states should be able to collaborate in the development of their youth policies with the support of the European Commission through the EU Youth Strategy. 

Watch the video and answer the questions contained in it: the video is interactive.

Image by youth-goals.eu
Image by youth-goals.eu

Youth goals

The Youth Goals are the outcome of the Youth Dialogue process with over 50.000 young people. 

They represent views of young people from all over Europe and are part of the EU Youth Strategy.

Three core areas of action: Engage, Connect, Empower. The aim of these three areas are to:

  1. Foster a meaningful civic, economic, social, cultural and political participation of young people.
  2. Support connections, relations and exchange of experiences among young people also through mobility.
  3. Encourage young people to take charge of their own lives through their engagement in quality youth work.

11 European youth goals

  • Connecting EU with youth
  • Equality of all genders
  • Inclusive societies
  • Information and constructive dialogue
  • Mental health and well being
  • Moving rural youth forward
  • Quality employment for all
  • Quality learning
  • Space and participation for all
  • Sustainable green Europe
  • Youth organisations and European programmes

Youth Population

The European Union covers an area of 4 million kilometre squared. 446 million inhabitants live in the EU countries. It is the world’s largest population after India and China. Eurostat reported that in 2016 nearly one third of the EU population were under the age of 30. Children aged 0-14 years counted for 16% of the population. 17% were youths between the ages of 15-29 years.

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