Unit 4.5. – Evaluation of the Submitted Application

Each and every application received by the National or Executive Agency undergoes an evaluation procedure before the final decision is taken.

The proposed projects are assessed by the National or Executive Agency on the basis of criteria set by the European Commission. The assessment includes:

  • A formal check to verify that the eligibility and exclusion criteria are adhered to and respected by the applicant.
  • A quality assessment that evaluates the extent to which the participating organisations meet the selection criteria (i.e. financial and operational capacity) and the project meets the award criteria. The quality assessment is very often carried out with the support of independent experts, who are required to follow guidelines developed by the European Commission.
  • A verification that the proposal does not present any risk of double funding.

The National or Executive Agency then appoints an evaluation committee to oversee the management of the whole selection process. On the basis of the assessment carried out by the experts, the evaluation committee will establish a list of projects proposed for selection.

Once the evaluation procedure is finalised, the National or Executive Agency decides on the project to be granted on the basis of:

  • The ranking list proposed by the evaluation committee set up; and
  • The budget available for any given Action.

Following the authority’s decision, the applicants are notified of the result. If the applicant’s application is approved, an agreement is signed between the relevant Agency selecting the project and the applicant, for the latter to start the project and receive the grant.










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