Unit 4.1. – Introduction to Erasmus+

Portrait_Erasmus_National Gallery_London

Erasmus+ is a programme developed by the European Union  to promote and support mobility and transnational cooperation within the areas of education, training, youth and sport.

The current programme, which will last until the end of year 2020, as well as its successor programme, which will come into effect in 2021, play a key role in shaping a European Education Area (EEA) by the year 2025. Through the development of an EEA, the EU aims to provide opportunities for all young people to benefit from the best education and training, and to find employment within Europe.

As discussed in previous units, the Erasmus+ programme involves a number of Actions that are aimed to provide various opportunities for youths to leverage their knowledge and skills, enhance their employability and to gain cultural awareness. In addition to individuals, the main actors of the Erasmus+ Programme also include participating organisations and other entities who organise activities and projects aimed to implement the objectives of the Programme.

Any youth willing to get involved in a mobility project forming part of the Erasmus+ programme will have to consider applying for the opportunity as well as funding to support such a life-changing occasion. Similarly, organisations across Europe submit their proposed projects to receive financial support from the Erasmus+ Programme. In the latter situation, participating organisations wishing to submit their projects have to undergo an application and evaluation process set up by the European Commission to ensure a coherent process of assessment and evaluation. The preparation involved for each proposed project may differ depending on the type of Action the applicant is applying for. Nonetheless, the EU has developed one single application process for all proposals submitted under the different Programme Actions.

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