Unit 3 – EURES: the European JOB Mobility Network

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To address the situation of youth unemployment and the difficulties youths encounter when entering the labour market, the EU has taken on a number of cross-border employment and mobility initiatives to tackle these problems and increase youth employment. An important initiative taken by the EU is EURES, the European Employment Services.

This unit aims to provide information about EURES, the job mobility network which promotes the EU’s principle of freedom of movement for workers. In a nutshell, EURES provides the necessary recruitment services, information and support to employers and jobseekers who wish to take advantage of this fundamental freedom. EURES serves as a means to harmonise employment, traineeship and apprenticeship opportunities by allowing young Europeans to pursue their occupation, training or apprenticeship in all Member States without being hindered by differences in culture, language, laws and regulations and recognition of qualifications. As discussed in this Unit, EURES serves as the primary portal for job seekers and employers within European countries to create a single market for employment opportunities.

This Unit also provides information on Your First EURES Job (‘YFEJ’), a targeted job mobility scheme forming part of the EURES initiative. This particular mobility scheme is aimed towards youths who are seeking employment, traineeship or apprenticeship in another Member State. Such initiative highlights the EU’s efforts in empowering youths to enter the labour market and enhance their employability.

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