Unit 4.3. – Erasmus+ Participants

The Erasmus+ people

The Erasmus+ Programme mainly targets individuals: students, trainees and trainers, young people, volunteers, apprentices, adult learners, pupils teachers, professors, youth workers, professionals of organisations active in the fields of education, training and youth.

However, the programme can only reach its targeted audience through the projects and activities organised by organisations, institutions and other entities.

The Actions promoted by the Erasmus+ Programme can be applied for by the following participants:

  1. Participating organisations which refer to organisations, institutions or bodies organising activities supported by the Erasmus+ programme; and
  2. Participants which refer to individuals (students, trainees, apprentices, pupils, adult learners, young people, volunteers, or professors, teachers, trainers, youth workers, professionals in the field of education, training, youth and sport, etc.) involved in activities organised by the participating organisations.

Where a project is selected for implementation, the applicant organisation becomes a beneficiary of an Erasmus+ grant. Individuals are not entitled to submit project proposals in the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme, except for those individuals applying on behalf of a group (at least four) young people active in youth work but not necessarily in the context of a youth organisation.

Image by Bluebook
Image by Bluebook

GOONJOB participants

In the ERASMUS+ Application forms, one box is focused on the description of the project foreseen participants. The partner must respond to the following answer: “please briefly describe how you will select and involve participants in the different activities of your project”.

This is the extract of the participants description in the GOONJOB Application form.

“The participants are the following. They are listed in sequence, according to the chronological order by which they “enter” into the project.

  1. Participants to the IO evaluation phase (external evaluators): 3 in each partner country – Total amount of 12 people. The evaluation team, in each country, will be composed by 1 youth worker, 1 teacher or trainer (formal education) and 1 reference person for the youth policy at local/regional level. The participants in this activity will commit to explore the e-learning course, to write down their comments and suggestions and answer to a questionnaire. To get the results of the evaluation, a specific form will be prepared including the evaluation of the following items: contents, general scheme, visual layout, usability, accessibility, User experience etc. The received feedbacks will be exploited to finalise the output. They will be selected according to the following criteria: personal motivation; knowledge of English at least level B1; coherence of their curricula to the project objectives. The selection of the participants to this specific activity will take place directly contacting them via email and/or telephone.
  1. Youth workers testing the IO: at least 20 in each partner country – Total amount of 80 people. The criteria required for the testing will be detailed during the kick off meeting. At the moment they have been shaped as follow: 1. full age; personal motivation; knowledge of English at least level B1; previous experience as youth worker; actual activity within a target organisation.
  1. Youth workers acting as testimonials in the videos: 2 person in each partner country – Total amount of 8 people The criteria required for this activity are the following: personal motivation; participation to the IO testing; fluent English.
  1. Youth workers implementing the labs: 2 in each partner country – Total amount of 8 people. The goal of this activity is the development of youth workers competences and their involvement in the project process. The selection criteria for the youth workers who will implement the labs are the following: successful completion of the IO1 testing; availability to participate to the activities connected to the labs (preparation and implementation of the labs; participation to the multiplier events); an oral interview; a letter of motivation.
  1. Young people participating to the labs: at least 30 in each partner country – Total amount of 120 people. The labs will last one day. The labs will be conducted by the above mentioned youth workers with the collaboration of youth leaders or teachers, trainers who will support the youth workers in the preparation, implementation and follow up. Each partner will tutor and monitor the activities. The selection criteria are the following: age 15 to 25; personal motivation; level of language spoken in the country, at least B2
  1. Participants to the multiplier events: at least 70 persons in each country – Total amount of 280 people They will be selected according to the following criteria: personal motivation; representativeness in relation to the project profile; value they can bring to the event.

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The GOONJOB team is composed by 6 people representing the project partners: CREOLABS, BLUEBOOK srl, ADEL, USB.