Unit 2 – Youth programmes


In this Unit you will read about good practices that were developed in order to enhance employability and entrepreneurship amongst youths. Youth programmes developed by the EU throughout the years have had a positive impact on millions of youths. Furthermore, these programmes are also tools that enable youths to develop and promote themselves as you will find out in the next modules.

This unit has the aim of providing a general overview of the three main youth programmes offered by the European Union (EU): Erasmus+, Erasmus for Youth Entrepreneurs (EYE) and the European Solidarity Corps. It outlines the main programmes which have been developed by the European Union to support youth education and training, creating new opportunities for young people to volunteer or work in projects in their own country or abroad and possibility of employability. By achieving the objectives set for each programme/scheme, the EU contributes towards attaining the goals set by the EU Youth Strategy.

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