Unit 5.1. – Other portals and sources

European level

The European Union offers a lot of employment opportunities through different portals and websites. On the website of the European Commission, someone can find different job vacancies in EU countries, such as a lot of volunteering opportunities.


EURES is a European cooperation network of employment services launched in 1994, which is designed to facilitate the free movement of workers, available in 26 languages.

The portal is divided for job seekers and employers, for both of them to find the services that they need. For job seekers, it provides different tools to help the interested ones. When clicking Find a job, the portal is showing the total amount of job vacancies that are open at the moment, divided by country, sector, and occupations. By clicking on Youth Opportunities, a young person can find opportunities based on the category, the field of activity, and the location. 

All the information about EURES and its use can be found in Modules 1 and 4. 


EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion is a unique Pan-European initiative that delivers information, job vacancies, and support services to professional researchers. It is supported by the Member States of the European Union, associated countries, and the Union itself, supporting the mobility of researchers and career development, while enhancing the scientific cooperation between Europe and the rest of the world. As in EURES, when searching for a job offer, there are different sections in order to make the research more specific and easier. There are different variables for the field of research, the profile of the jobseeker/researcher, the sector, the country, and the European Research Programme (if there are any species that the jobseeker is searching for).

More information about the EURAXESS can be found here: 


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