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Online Reputation Management Tips for job seekers

Photo by United Societies of Balkans
Photo by United Societies of Balkans

When the CV, the cover letter, and all the materials for the interview are ready, the job seeker has to pay attention to their online reputation. According to a 2018 survey of hiring managers and human resources managers by CareerBuilder a candidate has fewer opportunities to get a call for an interview. 

Almost 70% of employers google the name of the potential job candidates in order to find any information relevant to the candidates – one billion names are googled every day. The 47% of the employers say that if examples of the work experience or the personality of the candidate cannot be found, they don’t call them for interviews, while 20% of employers totally ignore people who have no information online.

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One of the most important sections of a CV is volunteering work, especially when applying for a job relevant to civil society, youth work, and helping others. Volunteering proves that the candidate has experience in the field and has skills and competences that are gained through actual work. It can also give an insight into the interests and personality that the potential job seeker might have and helps the employers to check if they fit in the culture of the business/organisation. Volunteering proves that every person offers their work and solidarity being driven by more than money. It is not for the money, but for experience, support and making a better place.

Photo by United Societies of Balkans
Photo by United Societies of Balkans

Tips for a successful interview

When all the above are ready, the interview is coming, and it is probably the part where everyone is struggling. Indeed Career Guide is a website where you can find tips and tricks on the questions that the employers are asking mostly, as well as answers on them. 

The article contains 30 questions with possible answers that the interviewers are looking for in the responses. After that, you can find more questions, and videos on how to have an attitude and how to make a great impression on the interview. 

Photo by United Societies of Balkans
Photo by United Societies of Balkans


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