Unit 1.2 – Online materials

Photo by Fang-Wei Lin on Unsplash
Photo by Fang-Wei Lin on Unsplash

In this chapter we suggest useful material such as online videos, podcasts and books that could be a“partner” at the path of finding the passion.

We suggest you this booklist specific on this topic

Photo by Amazon.com
Photo by Amazon.com

“Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life” by Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles

The people of Japan believe that everyone has an ikigai – a reason to jump out of bed each morning. And according to the residents of the Japanese island of Okinawa – the world’s longest-living people – finding it is the key to a longer and more fulfilled life. Inspiring and comforting, this book will give you the life-changing tools to uncover your personal ikigai. It will show you how to leave urgency behind, find your purpose, nurture friendships and throw yourself into your passions.

About the Authors:

Héctor García is a citizen of Japan, where he has lived for over a decade, and of Spain, where he was born. A former software engineer, he worked at CERN in Switzerland before moving to Japan, where he developed voice recognition software and the technology needed for Silicon Valley startups to enter the Japanese market. He is the creator of the popular blog kirainet.com and the author of A Geek in Japan, a #1 bestseller in Japan.

Francesc Miralles is an award-winning author who has written a number of bestselling self-help and inspirational books. Born in Barcelona, he studied journalism, English literature, and German, and has worked as an editor, a translator, a ghost-writer, and a musician. His novel Love in Lowercase has been translated into twenty languages.

Photo by Amazon.com
Photo by Amazon.com

“Find Your Passion 25 Questions You Must Ask Yourself” by Henri Junttila

Are You Ready to Finally Find Your Passion? What’s the secret to living a life full of passion, purpose and meaning? The secret is that there is no secret. The answer is hiding in plain sight. This book is different from other books of its kind because it nudges you to look inside. In “Find Your Passion: 25 Questions You Must Ask Yourself” you’ll dive into questions that will help you uncover what makes you come alive. You’ll learn to follow your inner excitement, which will result in you living a more passionate life. Wake Up Full of Excitement, Purpose and Passion.

About the Author:

Life and work don’t have to be separate. There’s a lot of hype out there on how to do work you love. And it stops you from living a life full of meaning, passion and happiness. Henri doesn’t claim to make millions. He doesn’t hype things up. He just makes a living doing what he loves, and he has done so since 2009. His online business has allowed him to travel, explore his interests, and spend more time with his family and friends. What separates Henri’s books from other publishers is his willingness to share, from his heart, what works and what doesn’t. He breaks everything down into simple steps without leaving you overwhelmed and confused. When Henri isn’t working on his business, he likes to fumble around on the guitar, improve his cartooning skills, and hang out with his son, Vincent.

Photo by Amazon.ca
Photo by Amazon.ca

“Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert

Balancing between soulful spirituality and cheerful pragmatism, Gilbert encourages us to uncover the strange jewels that are hidden within each of us. Whether we are looking to write a book, or to make art, or to find new ways to address challenges in our work, or to give ourselves permission to embark on a dream long deferred, or simply to infuse our everyday lives with more mindfulness and passion, Big Magic cracks open a world of wonder and joy.

About the Author:

Elizabeth M. Gilbert (born July 18, 1969) is an American journalist and author. She is best known for her 2006 memoir, Eat Pray Love which has sold over 12 million copies and has been translated into over 30 languages.[1] The book was also made into a film of the same name in 2010. A review of Big Magic in Slate stated that most of the advice in the book is matter-of-fact, but that, “Gilbert comes bearing reports from a new world where untold splendors lie waiting for those bold and hard-working enough to claim them. What’s unclear is how many could successfully follow on her trail.”[21] The Seattle Times described the book as, “funny, perceptive and full of down-to-earth advice.”

Photo by bookdepository.com
Photo by bookdepository.com

“Fearless Passion” by Yong Kang Chan

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to do what you love every single day? Many of us graduate from college and plunge ourselves into the working world, only to realize that our job is not a good fit for us. We feel stuck, not knowing whether to change our careers or not. Thoughts and fears run through our mind:
“I have already invested so much in my previous education. I can’t possibly give it up now.”
“What if I pick a wrong career path again? Wouldn’t I waste more money and time?”
“What if I don’t have the talent to pursue what I love?”
Do you feel trapped in your current job and don’t know what to do about it? Fearless Passion aims to release you from the fears that are holding you back and inspire you to take action on your passion. The biggest mistake is not choosing the wrong career — it’s sticking with a career that makes you unhappy.

About the Author:

In his books, Yong Kang provides insights on self-compassion and mindfulness to help you be kinder to yourself and transcend your suffering. Unlike other psychology and spiritual books, his content is easy to understand. He uses simple, modern examples in life to explain complex concepts and ideas. You can learn the teachings in his books without any technical or scientific knowledge. Best known as “Nerdy Creator” online, Yong Kang is both analytical and creative. If someone like him can overcome depression and his noisy mind, you can do it too.

Photo by Amazon.com
Photo by Amazon.com

“The Happiness of Pursuit” by Chris Guillbeau

A remarkable book that will both guide and inspire, The Happiness of Pursuit reveals how anyone can bring meaning into their life by undertaking a quest. When he set out to visit all of the planet’s countries by age thirty-five, compulsive goal seeker Chris Guillebeau never imagined that his journey’s biggest revelation would be how many people like himself exist – each pursuing a challenging quest.  And, interestingly, these quests aren’t just travel-oriented.  On the contrary, they’re as diverse as humanity itself.  Some involve exploration; others the pursuit of athletic or artistic excellence; still others a battle against injustice or poverty or threats to the environment.

About the Author:

Chris Guillebeau is an American nonfiction author, blogger and speaker. He is best known for The Art of Non-Conformity blog and book. He has also written guides for travel and small business topics under the brand Unconventional Guides. He organizes the annual World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon. The Art of Non-Conformity blog discusses entrepreneurship, travel, and personal development topics; its traffic grew substantially after the online publication of A Brief Guide to World Domination in 2008. The site has an Alexa ranking of under 200,000 and is among the top 100,000 most visited sites in the United States.

Some of you do not like reading books or believe that they don’t have enough time for this so watching some videos could be an easier and faster option. Following we have a list of interesting YouTube videos and Ted talks.

A graphic illustrated video created by the channel  “Improvement Pill” a channel with 2.21 million subscribers. Improvement Pill is dedicated to conveying important ideas to those who are willing to change. Each video is designed to inspire, motivate, or teach something that can change your life. “How To Find Your Passion” video explaining why people feel unfulfilled and gives ways to them to find their passion.

A Ted Talk with the name “Stop searching for your passion” by Terri Trespicio. In this talk you will hear the questions: What are you passionate about? You’re told these five words hold the key to a successful career and life purpose. What if it’s the wrong question altogether? This talk turns the ubiquitous “find your passion” message on its ear.

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Glossary in pills

TED Conferences LLC (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is an American media organization that posts talks online for free distribution under the slogan “ideas worth spreading”. More information about the TED and its aims, can be found here: https://www.ted.com/

A Ted Talk with the name “How to Find Your Passion and Make it Your Job” by Emma Rosen.  Emma Rosen made the bold decision to give up her job and take a radical sabbatical in pursuit of her perfect career. She spent a year trying 25 careers before turning 25 through short-term work experience, shadowing and just giving things a go. She completed the challenge and finished all 25 placements before her 25th birthday in August 2017.

Another option for you that you are not interested in neither in books nor videos is to choose from the variety of podcasts that you can find online that can help you find your vision or improve your already existing talents.  The options are limitless as you can find many podcasts in your language as well as in many foreign languages.  Following we are going to suggest some of them in English.

The Life is a Marathon show gives you inspiration, motivation, and resources to empower you to thrive and win in the marathon we call “life!” Bruce Van Horn is a Life Coach, Mentor, Thought Leader, Best-Selling Author, Entertaining and Motivational Speaker, Dad, and Marathon runner. He brings his respected insight, wisdom, leadership, and storytelling abilities to this podcast to share with you information, tips, life-hacks, and entertaining and heart-warming stories with the goal of helping you transform your life, build your self-esteem, recognize your value to the world, and live as the fullest expression of who you were created to be. Your thinking defines who you are in every way. It shapes your self-esteem, self-image and self-worth. It also controls the way you perceive the world and how you interact with others. You can change your life by changing your thoughts. Use this podcast as your personal mentoring program as you transform your life by the renewing of your mind.

Join a thriving community where we help you mindfully leverage your habits to design and build the life you actually want through consistent, effective action!

What does it mean to be successful? Success is finding meaning, engagement and happiness in personal life and work as well as achieving desired outcomes that defy assumptions. Careers Cast Podcast shares experiences of life leaders to help you map the right career path, consistently achieve the goals and objectives you set forth to achieve, chart out a course for your life that will ensure your success and stay strong and focused with a new found resolve. To develop your vision, to think strategically over the long term and to take the planned actions, make sure to download a free special report Visioning and Goal Charting.



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